Barcelona is considered the world’s capital of modernist architecture and Antonio Gaudí its main representative. Born in 1852, he freely used styles from the past, mainly Gothic, and anticipated contemporary architecture with his innovative structural solutions. It is noteworthy the ornamental use of wrought iron and mosaic in his works. Among others, his most important pieces are the following, all of them in Barcelona.




Declared National Historic Monument in 1964 and UNESCO World Heritage building in 1984. Its one block structure with sinuous curves along with the rooftop chimneys, “warriors”, are to be seen to be believed.




CASA BATLLÓ 1904-1906
One of the most emblematic buildings of the prestigious Paseo de Gracia. Its wrought iron balconies are part of the enigmatic essence of the whole building.




The great and unfinished work of Gaudí has become a symbol of Barcelona. He took charge of an alien project and turned it into a masterpiece of his own personality.




PARQUE GÜELL 1900-1904
All of Gaudí’s architectural magic can be admired in this surrealistic park, even his mosaics and wrought iron works.




CASA VICENÇ 1883-1888
Gaudí’s first masterpiece. He combined in perfect harmony Indian and Japanese architectural styles with a colorful façade.




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